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hnmsa intro

Hainan Maritime Safety Administration of the People's Republic of China (here in after referred to as Hainan MSA) is one of the provincial level administrative organs directly under the Ministry of Transport of China. According to the responsibilities and rights authorized by Maritime Traffic Safety Law of the People's Republic of China, Marine Environment Protection Law of the People's Republic of China, and certain international Conventions and national laws, regulations and rules, Hainan MSA is in charge of maritime supervision,Emergency Response and security work including marine safety supervision, ship pollution prevention, marine search and rescue coordination, marine safety communication in the coastal sea areas, ports and inland waters of Hainan Province.

The main responsibilities include:

1.Enforce and implement the laws, regulations and standards related to national ocean management, marine environmental protection, marine traffic safety, navigation safeguard, ships and marine facility inspection; to implement bilateral and multilateral treaties and to establish, supervise and enforce particular rules under the local situation.

2.In charge of the registration of international and national vessels and responsible for auditing and issuing work of operational handbook and documentation required; responsible for the management of foreign-flagged vessel in the jurisdiction area and dealing with the applications of foreign-flagged vessels (including Hong Kong and Macao) entering non-open ports and waters within the area, and submitting to the leadership according to the regulations and procedures for approval.

3.Under the authorization, to draw up the qualification standards of ships examination, piloting organization and shipping management company; in charge of the training institution qualifications of seafarers and pilots, as well as the quality system verification and surveillance; to guide and manage the implementation of relevant laws, regulations and international conventions by ship owners and operators.

4.In charge of the competence training,examination and certification of seafarers, pilots, magnetic compass adjusters and staff working on the sea equipments; to conduct the management of seafarers' service book and seamen's entry & exit certificates; responsible for professional and special training for seafarers as well as their examination and certification.

5.Take charge of the organization, direction and coordination of the disposal and investigation of the serious water traffic accident and the major pollution accident; take control of the ship anti-typhoon activities and the marine search and rescue; investigation and handling of the marine traffic accident, pollution accident and marine traffic offense. Be responsible for the routine work of Hainan Maritime Rescue Coordination Center. 

6.Taking port states supervision, security inspection, port control of both international and local navigation vessels, enforced-piloting inspection, safety supervision on vessels carrying dangerous goods and other goods, berthing safety supervision and vessel pollution prevention supervision.

7.Conducting the coastal states' control, sea area patrol, navigational environment and order maintaining; verifying the work on and under waters and classifying the waters into anchorages and safety areas; in charge of the approval of port coastline use,navigation warning and notices announcement.

8.Under the authorization, in charge of the inspection work of vessels and marine equipments within the stipulated area.

9.Take charge of the construction and management of the public navigation marks both on main line and major coastal ports.

10.Take charge of the marine safety communication within the jurisdiction area.

11.Take charge of the layout, infrastructure, finance, capital asserts, dues collection, human resources, wage, technique equipment, scientific education, administrative affairs, Party job, audit, inspection and supervision, security, mental civilization construction, propagandism and so on